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Jul 9, 2013 10:00pm EDT
your feet. i'm a believer. all the natural energy found in peanuts? caramel works. payday. crunchy, roasted peanuts and soft, delicious caramel come together to give you sweet energy. payday. fill up and go. - so, dad, have you ever been in a gang? - well, we were more of a dance group than a gang. we were called the partyup boys. we loved prince. we'd perm our hair, put on eyeliner, and wear tight pants. - you had hair? - that's funny. i was in a group, and we did the same thing. - do you have pictures? - no. - so, dad, you never had to, you know, ride up on some fools, you know. - and do what, challenge them to a split? what kind of questions are these, anyway? - i saw boyz 'n the hood. - where'd you see boyz 'n the hood? - i downloaded it. - hey, man, that's stealing. - no, it's not. - tell that to cuba gooding jr. when he comes over here looking for his money. - well, you've got my back, though, right? - right. - so, lindsey, you're really going through with this? - i want to, but i looked at the footage that i shot so far, and it's so boring. i even set up a confessional for u
Jul 8, 2013 10:00pm EDT
up for a change. - and it's good to break up some of the female energy. - kind of like a security guard at a shoe sale. [laughter] [all sigh] - tell me, nick. how did suzanne convince you to come down here in her place? - well, she didn't. i volunteered. women: oh! - that's amazing. i can barely get my husband to read a report card. - send it to espn. have them put it on the ticker. [laughter] [women sigh] - my husband doesn't even know where the children go to school. - let me tell you something, honey. take the tv remote. put it in their backpacks. he'll find 'em. [laughter] [women sigh] - can we not talk about husbands? the only reason i don't kill mine is because i am too lazy to row his dead body out to sea and dump it. - is that why suzanne keeps trying to get me to go on that cruise? [laughter] i finally figured that out. [women sigh] you know what? i just have to be honest with you guys. suzanne said you would be rough on me, but, you know, you're all right. - now, why would she say something like that? - we love her. - if anything, she's kind of tough on us. - i know what
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2